Home Staging Services

Home Staging Services

Industry experts have confirmed that selling a vacant property is just a difficult as selling a cluttered home. That is because most buyers cannot see the potential that exists beyond cluttered rooms or blank spaces. Why is that so?

When shopping for a home, buyers are often flustered and overwhelmed with doubts, concerns, questions, mixed emotions and very high expectations. With all these items on their plate they often have very little time or energy to walk through a home with a measuring tape or sit and visualize how they can make this empty space suit their needs.

Rental furnishings are provided by Ideal Homes and may include:

  • Living room and family room furnishings
  • Dining furnishings
  • Bedroom suites
  • Accent furnishings
  • Patio furniture
  • Drapes
  • Mirrors, paintings, art-work and many other decor accessories
  • Area rugs
  • Lamps
  • Plants

For your peace of mind we offer:

  • Qualified, skilled professional staff and tradesmen
  • $2,000,000.00 Liability Insurance Coverage
  • One Year guarantee of quality workmanship
  • Full background check on all employees
  • Full WSIB Coverage

Staging vacant properties provides these key benefits:

Based on the advantages of utilizing the world-wide-web as a key marketing tool, staging with the right furnishings and decor accessories provides an appealing invitation for potential to buyers to place your home on their must see list

Being that most real estate transactions are highly emotionally driven, staging sets the perfect ambience that would appeal to a buyers sense of desire.

Staging using clients existing furniture:

Ideal Homes will help you edit, rearrange and utilize the homeowner’s existing furnishings and decor accessories to create a much more spacious, appealing, practical, and inviting atmosphere.

Being that homes are arranged based on the everyday needs of its current owner, especially when there are young children in the family, we often see that key selling features such as fireplaces, grand staircases and other features are often muzzled for the purpose of safety and convenience. With that said, a few hours of staging prior to putting your home on the market would be ideal.