About Us

About Us

Ideal Homes is an Ottawa based company that offers professional home staging, renovation painting services.  Ideal Homes is owned and operated by Clifford Blackmore who is often praised for being highly skilled and very passionate about designing and transforming homes, friendly, down to earth and very professional at what he does. However, one of Mr. Blackmore’s key strength and passion is being a dad to his young son Timothy.  He often says, above all things I am a father first.  

“In moments of extreme weakness or periods of great strength; with very little or abound with spoils beyond measure; in times of devastating sorrow or uncontrollable laughter; at times surrounded by love or buried deep in a place where love seems to be the coldest thing I can feel; If I accomplish much or attain little; in life or in death; in this life or the one that awaits, one thing that will always remain constant – I am a dad”      


The staff of Ideal Homes also reflects the ideals of Mr. Blackmore who strives to attain the highest customer satisfaction on every project whether big or small.   Ideal Homes specializes in preparing, enhancing and packaging real estate properties to attain a much quicker, less stressful and more profitable sale.  However not all our customers are interested in selling their homes so we also offer professional renovation and painting services to our customers who simply wishes to enhance the look and feel of their homes so they could enjoy living in their homes for years to come.

Our proven success is rooted in our effective staging techniques, quality and reasonably priced renovation and painting services, abundance of quality contemporary furnishings and decor accessories, wide array of staging resources and our expert team of employees. Ideal Homes sets the stage and standard for real estate success.  Ideal Homes is also Home Depot’s exclusive Painting Service Provider. We have been trusted exclusively since 2004 for all the painting needs of their customers for all the Ottawa Home Depot store locations including Orleans, Gloucester, South Keys, Barrhaven, Nepean, Kanata and Carleton Place where our mutual objective is the highest standards in quality workmanship and customer satisfaction



What is home staging?

As the clutter is cleared, required repairs addressed, necessary updates made, paint colors neutralized, and furnishings properly arranged the true potential and value of a home is revealed and achieved. Home staging is the art of preparing a home for resale. Most homes have their share of negatives or reasons that may cause a buyer to walk away without making that offer. Home Staging is about highlighting the positives and making them outweigh the negatives. This is when you get a buyer to say, though we were looking for a home with a finish basement and on a less busy street but we love the home this one so let us make a compromise.

Home staging, the Ideal Homes way, significantly increases the overall appeal, marketability and value of a property and offers a much quicker, less stressful a more profitable sale.

Who needs home staging?

There is absolutely no need to make your property sit on the market from showing after showing; open house after open house; month after month and price reduction after price reduction. Both homeowners and realtors gain significant advantages in exploring and employing home staging as part of their marketing strategy.  Do keep in mind that a home is like a diamond, only after it is cut, polished and beautifully displayed does it yield its true value.

Why choose Ideal Homes?

We create magazine-perfect homes Ideal Homes creates magazine-perfect homes, the kind of homes that make buyers fall in love.  Ideal Homes offers quick turn-around times. Being that real estate is highly dependent on timing, Ideal Homes offers the quickest turn around on even the most extensive staging and renovation projects.

Ideal Homes knows what sells.  Ideal Homes is constantly researching market trends and buyers expectations. We know what appeals to buyers and direct our clients attention and resources accordingly. Ideal Homes is affordable. Whether it is applying a fresh coat of paint, updating kitchens and bathrooms, providing rental furnishings and decor accessories or any of our home staging and renovation services, the Team at Ideal Homes offers a complete range of expert solutions.

Benefits of home staging

There is no greater inconvenience than having your home sit on the market from showing after showing, open house after open house and month after month whilst having to constantly maintain a tidy home and managing sanity through the disruption to your family’s life and schedule. Home staging, the Ideal Homes way, significantly increases the overall appeal, marketability and value of a property and offers a much quicker, less stressful a more profitable way of selling real estate.

How much does it cost?

Being that homes vary in size, design, taste in or lack of decor; and need for repairs or upgrades it is somewhat impossible to propose a dollar amount before viewing a specific property. That too also has to be weighed against the home owners selling objectives, that is, are they simply wanting to sell and move on or are they trying to capitalize on the maximum potential value in their home. The process is always to start with a home staging consultation, which generally allows us to assess the needs of a property and measure them against the selling objectives of the homeowner. This information enables an appropriate list of prioritized recommendations along with any expected costs that would be required to address the problem areas.