Project Consultations

Project Consultations

From curb appeal all the way to the basement, this consultation includes a full marketability assessment of the subject property. This consultation may last up to 2 hours but holds no minimum time. Verbal recommendations are given onsite, followed by a written report within 48 hours of consultation.

The sole purpose of this initial consultation is to assess the needs of the property and to make the most Ideal recommendations that would help in attaining the most favorable sales results within time and budget restraints. Should it be established and agreed upon that there is a need for staging, repairs or renovation, Ideal homes will provide appropriate estimates. Ideal Homes is fully staffed with qualified and experienced painters, carpenters, flooring installers, plumbers, electricians and all the required expertise to make preparing your home for sale a hassle-free experience.

The most typical areas covered in Ideal Homes staging consultations are:

  • Curb appeal
  • De-cluttering
  • Cleaning
  • Areas desiring a fresh coat of paint
  • Need for repairs and upgrades

As more and more knick-knacks accumulate over the years when you finally decide that it is time to sell you may find yourself buried in endless walls of treasures, and so will potential buyers. When you are at a point in your preparation where you stand and ask yourself, “where do I begin,” this service is an ideal rescue.

We will help you sort through the morass of treasures to discern between the items of significance and those you can do without. As the clutter is cleared calm, space, true value and potential of your home will prevail, giving rise to that great first impression.